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This year's pre-Christmas festive fun club match was again a fairy-topped and flashily-lit success with 48 indoor bowlers filling the entry sheet even before Santa could say 'Get yer bowling socks on Rudolph!'. And Oh! how it is evolving rather nicely into a fancy-pants-costume-dress-up show! Just a couple of years ago a handful of players were brave enough
to sport a horrid (but horridly great!) xmas jumper with perhaps the odd pair of antlers here and there. Then last year Rudolph himself made a full-costume appearance backed up with some spectacularly awful crimbo sweaters and even a flakey drifting of santa hats .. and now this year ... .. . well over half of the bowlers made a wonderful effort to dress up and the rinks have never looked so pretty with our Juniors really showing the Seniors how to party.
Needless to say that everyone had a lovely fun afternoon with a full Christmas dinner
(thanks Dot & co.) & super-size raffle to finish. Many thanks to all for playing/organising
and helping to make this match such fun - here's looking for a full dress-up next year ... !!

2017-01-10 tue 1614 xmas match banner

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