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Good Manners (for Bowlers and Spectators)

Many of our older players will say that twenty or thirty years ago much more attention was paid to bowling green etiquette but lawn bowls remains one of the few sports where common courtesy and etiquette is still prevalent. We should be proud of this and in order to make the game as enjoyable as possible bowling green etiquette should be promoted to members old and new.

Much of this is common sense but here are some of the main rules of etiquette. (as indicated by Bowls England)

Dress appropriately and ensure that you know the dress code for each game or match in which you are participating.

Do not show disrespect for your opponent(s) by arriving late, ensure that you leave sufficient time to change before the game.

If you are representing the club on another bowling green you should remember that you are an ambassador for Rushden Town Bowling Club.
Behave appropriately.

Enter and leave the bowling green carefully, using the steps if provided.

Do not walk across rinks that other people are using and do not stand or sit on the banks while waiting to play.

Introduce yourself and shake hands with your opponent(s) both before play commences and after the game is complete.

During the game do not move around the head when your opponent is about to deliver his bowl.

Stand well back from the head, keep quiet and do not do anything that would distract your opponent. Wait until the bowl has been delivered before moving.

If you are at the same end as the player delivering a bowl you must stand behind the mat, thus staying out of the player's line of vision.

Bear in mind that some people like to see the rink boundary markers and the centre pin while playing so make sure that you are not obscuring them. On sunny days you must also ensure that your shadow does not fall on the jack.

Spectators who are in the player's line of vision should also keep still while bowls are being delivered and they should not distract players on the green.

Bowls should not be kicked in until the shot has been decided.

Mobile Phones should not be used on or around the green. (our tame photographer is exempt from this - he can't afford a camera, he has to use his phone)

At Rushden we are privileged to have one of the best bowling greens in the area.
Look after it ! Don't drop your bowls onto the green and ensure that your delivery is not causing scuff marks or otherwise damaging the green.

Place litter and cigarette ends in the bins and ashtrays provided.

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