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.... ... and here are some more outdoor photo's .. .
in the top left slideshow, a rather wetter day back in June hosting our friends from Bedford Borough; top right a Thursday afternoon visit from Whyte Melville in the middle of July; bottom left it's
back to 'nearly flaming' June with a home visit from Wellingboro';
and in the 4th & last slideshow for this page in the bottom right
corner a comparitively 'small handful' of snaps (compared to what
we've had on the others) from firstly an away trip v Mears Ashby
(Swanspool) on Thurs August 6th & then a quick Saturday nip
over to Kettering Lodge on August 8th:

A big THANKS! to all of you who were happy to have your photographs displayed in the slideshows
on this site - helping us to show to others what a fun, friendly, and socially enjoyable time we have playing this game (mostly, watch out for that raincloud ... !!) - and of course in so doing hopefully to
encourage others to try their hand and join in with us. While efforts are made not to displease it is however simply impractical to confirm permission from every person caught on camera, so if you
have any objection please do not hesitate to contact nik@rushdentownbowlingclub.com, indicating
the relevant photograph, and it will be removed at the earliest opportunity, thank you.