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2017 President's Day ~ Hoobie-Doobie's Hat-Trick

Hubert Dickens' third consecutive President's Day on Sunday 16th July was a tad overcast this year but comfortably warm, with only the odd smattering of the drippy stuff and certainly nothing to dampen the spirits or enjoyment of all those who took part in honouring and paying tribute to our venerable and esteemed President who now appears to be embedded in his position for life.
Visiting rinks from Kettering Lodge, Corby Forest, Higham Town, Wellingborough, Retired Police BA and Irthlingborough Church Institute competed against rinks from Rushden with the Rushden teams moving rinks after each 4 ends. The winning visiting rink was from Corby Forest with an impressive 39 shot aggregate score, and Rushden's winning rink was Hoobie's own (FIX!!) along with Mossy Waters, Pam Bartram and Terry Leigh - well bowled all of you! A raffle was held which raised in excess of £150 for Hubie's chosen charity, the Northants Air Ambulance. Hubie, the Rushden outdoor playing committee and indeed all at Rushden would like to express their thanks to all those who attended and we hope to see all of them again next year.
RTBC would like to thank all of those who participated or contributed in any way, and in particular Brian Langton and Keith Thatcher for their tireless efforts on Hubert's & the Club's behalf
with their organisational smoothing of the whole kaboodle.

2016 President's Day ~ Return Of The Hoobie-Doobie

Hubie Dickens' second consecutive President's Day on Sunday 17th July could hardly have been better, with soothing skies & 6 visiting teams from the County Police, Wellingborough, Corby Forest, Thrapston, Kettering Lodge and ICI all paying homage to our venerable guv'nor. It was a wonderful afternoon with the sun shining (very hotly), lots of laughter (and a sherry or five), and friendly banter galore. Hubie was also treated to an unexpected fly-past by those little-known and secret members of the Hoobie fan club, the Red Arrows – such couldn't have happened to a nicer gentleman! This was followed by a deliciously plentiful carvery and yummytum-puddypud. Sincere thanks to the organisers and helpers of the day, all visiting teams and spectators, plus congratulations to Thrapston as the winning visiting rink and also to the winning Rushden team. The raffle raised £48+ which is going to Hubie's chosen charity 'Northants Air Ambulance'.
RTBC would like to thank all of those who participated or contributed in any way, and in particular
Brian Langton for his tireless efforts on Hubert's & the Club's behalf with his organisational smoothing
of the whole kaboodle - Thank You!!.

2016-07-17 sun 1324 HD pres day 2c

Below you'll find a slideshow replete with photographs from
Mr Hubert Dickens' second President's Day back on Sunday July 17th, 2016. Thanks to all of those who attended to help venerate and deify our El Presidente, and also to all of you posers for absorbing the spirit of the day and standing still long enough for a piccie or two - thank you all very much indeed ... .. and now here's to next year when perhaps The Venerable Hoob will go for a hat-trick and for the third time on the trot will pick the sunniest day of the month when all else around was cloud and showers (bit of a knack you have there Hooby Sir?).