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Please note that all enquiries should be addressed direct to the club by email rtibc@tiscali.co.uk or telephone the office on 01933 312680 (9 - 12).

I hope you have all settled back into the outdoor season at your various clubs.
It's so nice to be out in the fresh air and “sunshine” when it is around!

Congratulations to all the following Indoor competition winners – well done!!

Men’s Singles Champion – John Greaves.
Ladies Singles Champion – Robina Richards.
Open Singles Winner – Kyle Buckley.
Singles Plate Winner – Rita Nolan-Smith.
Novice Singles Winner – Brandon Taylor.
Men’s Pairs Winners – John Greaves & Jack Tobin.
Ladies Pairs Winners – Denise Nason & Joy Gordon.
Men’s Triples Winners – John Greaves, Jack Tobin & Malc Mattinson.
Ladies Triples Winners – Denise Nason, Joy Gordon & Gill Ward.
Australian Pairs Winners – Denise Nason & Richard Harding.
Mixed Pairs Winners – Gill Ward & John Greaves.
Mixed Triples Winners – Robina Richards, Rita Nolan-Smith & Eric Miskowicz.
Mixed Fours Winners – Norma Fentiman, Gill Ward, Lionel Wilmott & John Greaves

Indoor bowlers please note that it is the responsibility of the last person leaving the green
to turn the lights off when they have finished bowling.

With regard to the Outdoor competitions please note that all games are to be played by the dates given. It is not fair to play earlier rounds if you know you cannot be available to play on the Finals Weekend should you get through. Please refer to the competition rules that are on display in the club.. If there are any problems you must contact the Competition Organiser (Paul Munday telephone 01933 318748).

More members are required to put their names down for matches. Please do support the captains and ensure they have enough players for their matches. Everyone of you is encouraged to join in and you will be warmly welcomed. The sheets for you to add your name are at the bottom of the steps up to the outdoor green. Come on, take part and lets make Rushden the competitive club it has always been known as.

Have you noticed yet that there is now a monitor screen in the foyer where information for members about forthcoming events etc is being displayed. This is another attempt to keep you all up-to-date on what is happening at the club and it is hoped this new method will be appreciated.

Can you help? We will be hosting four rinks in the Manfield Cup on July 1st. We will need somebody to be present during the afternoon to act as tournament referee and generally ensure the smooth running of proceedings. If you are prepared to do this please contact Keith Thatcher on 07860 359 322.

The indoor green will be closed from Monday July 31 until Friday August 4. Dales, who manufacture and maintain indoor carpets nationwide, will be here to refurbish our carpet. They will turn it over, supply and fit a new underlay, ensure the boarding is in sound condition and is level, provide new grippers, thoroughly clean the surface, refit and tension the carpet, mark out the rinks and fit spots
and tees. They will return before the new indoor season starts to stretch the carpet to give a
green speed of 17-18 seconds.

President Hubert Dickens is hosting a President's Day on Sunday July 16th. Acceptances to bring a rink have been received to date from ICI, Wellingborough, Higham Ferrers and the County Police. A notice will be displayed shortly for members who would like to play to indicate their interest in being part of this special day. Please do put your name down – you are guaranteed a very enjoyable time taking part in what is always a very successful day. Donations of raffle prizes will be greatly appreciated with the money raised going to a charity of Hubie’s choice.

Catering at the club is now franchised to Joan Bathurst, of K and B Catering. As well as supplying after match meals and refreshments for other organisations using the club's facilities, roast carvery meals are available on Sundays from 12 noon till 4 pm. A 2-course meal costs £11.99 and 3-courses are £14.99. (Children £8.99). Bookings are advisable. As Father's Day is coming up soon, on Sunday 18 June, why not phone Joan and book your table - 07850 864537 or 01933 316314 or Sue on 07812 957307.


(1) Please remember that the pigeon holes are to be used for messages to individual members. You should check them regularly to ensure you collect any left for yourself.

(2) The dress code is being monitored and it is essential that all members abide by it. Members of all clubs are required to wear the correct uniforms and it looks so much smarter when you are representing your own club.

(3) When playing County competitions at home it is your responsibility to pay the green fee
for your opponent. At present the fee is £2.50 . The fee is to be put into an envelope, with
your name and the competition being played written on the front, then posted through the
office door.
If you open the fire doors at the bottom of the indoor green, PLEASE ENSURE YOU
when they have been left open when the club is empty!

(4) There are still lots of membership cards that have not been picked up – please get
yours as soon as possible.

~ End ~